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2017 Spring National (Washington, DC)
Welcome and Introductions Stephen Ruffin PDF
NASA HQ Space Grant Program Office Update  Lenell Allen PDF
Open Lab Run by Students for Students & Eclipse Ballooning Anthony Choi PDF
2017 Eclipse Ballooning Project Angela Des Jardins PDF
NASA Astrobiology Institute Penelope Boston PDF
Nominating Committee Report
Chris Koehler PDF
One Stop Shopping Initiative (OSSI) & Information Technology (IT) Updates
D. Kimbro, S. Greene,
F. McDonald
Developing Arduino-based STEM programs at California Community Colleges John Kosmatka PDF
Success story of NASA Space Grant CoP program at the
Great Basin College
Rita Bagwe Pujari PDF
From Undergraduate Researchers to Tenure-track Faculty: Our Story of the Continued Impact of Past, Present, and Future NASA Space Grant Support in Louisiana
A. Moore,
M. Caldorera-Moore,
R. Hegab
NASA Student Launch Mona Miller PDF
Information Technology Experiences Using Simulated Tele-science Exploration of Mars
Nader Vadiee PDF
St. Michael’s College (VT SGC)  Enhancement of the Aviation Technology Program at Burlington Technical Center Robert Letovsky PDF
Success and Failures of Building a Stronger Community College
Network in Colorado
Brian Sanders PDF
What Is the National Space Grant Foundation and What Can It Do for Your Program?
Mitch Hobish PDF
Treasurer's Report Majid Jaridi PDF
Challenger Center Collaboration
Virginia Barnes PDF

2016 MidWestern Regional (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
NASA HQ Space Grant Program Office Update  Mabelene Burrell PDF
Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium USIP CubeSat Project Kevin Crosby PDF
NASA Glenn Research Center
Academia Collaborative Opportunities
David Kankam PDF
Ohio Space Grant Consortim Highlights Jed Marquart PDF
Missouri Space Grant Consortium
Space Grant Robotic Projects 
Steve Haug PDF
Ohio Space Grant Consortium
CC-STARS! (Community College –STEM Training and Retention of Students!)
Marlin Linger PDF
Minnesota Space Grant Highlights James Flaten PDF
Indiana Space Grant Consortium Highlights
Angie Verissimo PDF
Michigan Robotics
Dawn Tilbury PDF
Iowa Space Grant Consortium Highlights Jay Staker PDF
Multiple Undergraduate Research Programs at
Chicago State University 
Valerie Goss PDF

2016 Western Regional (Bend, Oregon)
NASA HQ Space Grant Program Office Update  Lenell Allen PDF
Experimental Sounding Rocket Association (ESRA) Intercollegiate Rocket Competition P. Mueller, S. Boyle,
C. Crawford, M. Hoeper,
N. Schorn
Fall 2017 National Meeting Update (North Dakota SGC) Jim Casler PDF
Modern Eddington Experiment 2017  Toby Dittrich PDF
Alaska and Oregon Space Grant Collaborative CubeSat Workshop 
Morgan Johnson PDF
Inclusion across the Nation of Communities of Learners of Underrepresented Discoverers in Engineering and Science – Partnering Opportunities for a High-Altitude Balloon Project
Ed Galindo PDF
Prepare for 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Jim Todd PDF
Dive Into Engineering
Trinesha Dixon PDF
New NASA Missions/Science Literacy Outreach
G. Bothun PDF
First Nations Launch Christine Thompson PDF
How To Survive An Audit
Talia Jergens PDF
RockSat-C Delphine Le Brun Colon & Levi Willmeth PDF
Waking Up To New Opportunities
Heather Nelson ---
Increasing Engagement Between Space Grant and NASA
Dave Berger PDF
Connecting K-12 to Industry Melissa Dubois PDF
PLANETS: Space Science Curricular Materials for Out-of-School-Time Programs  Nadine Barlow PDF
Testing Drones at the FAA National Test Site at the Warm Springs Unmanned Aerial Systems Test Range
Aurolyn Stwyer PDF
Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pipeline
Robert Winglee PDF

2016 MidAtlantic Regional (Baltimore, Maryland)
NASA Headquarters Update NASA HQ Staff PDF
AIRSPACES2 Abhijit Nagchaudhuri PDF
DC Space Grant Highlights UJ Sofia PDF
Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly
Angela Walters PDF
Investigation of Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Properties of Diamond Nanoparticles
Michael J. Williams
The Science Public Outreach Team: Integrating outreach across your state

Kathryn Williamson PDF
Engaging MSU Students in NASA Mission Related Research
Guangming Chen PDF
Magnetic Structures in Solar Wind
Manuel Cuesta
SUBORBITAL - Attaining New Heights
David Teets PDF
Pennsylvania Space Grant Highlighs Erin DiMaggio PDF
JWST Science and Operations
Christine Chen PDF
NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars Rudo Kashiri PDF
Virginia Earth System Science Scholars
Rudo Kashiri PDF
Reliability Analysis and Categorizing Anomaly Data in SOARS Database
Tousif Khan
Tools for Creating Interactive Storytelling Experiences
Eric Vignola PDF
Maryland Space Grant Balloon Payload Program Mary Bowden PDF
Benjamin Banneker: A Man of Science for the 18th and 21st Centuries Justine Schaeffer PDF
Community College Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Programs Chris Carter PDF
Baltimore Project ASTRO: Bringing the Universe to Maryland Classrooms Since 2008
Jennifer Scott PDF
New Jersey Space Grant Program Higlights Joe Miles PDF
GRAD-MAP: An Astronomy & Physics Diversity Initiative Ashlee Wilkins &
Robyn Smith
A Look at TLR4 & MyD88 Glioblastoma Using Immunohistochemistry Danielle Caruso PDF

2016 SouthEast Regional (Lexington, Kentucky)
NASA HQ Space Grant Program Office Update  Lenell Allen PDF
National Council of Space Grant Directors' ExComm Update Stephen Ruffin PDF
Creating Community College STEM Mustangs Constance Meadors PDF
Mentored Team Community College Programs  Tammy Liles PDF
OCTC Robotics and STEM Outreach Shawn Payne
HCC High Altitude Ballooning 
Sherry McCormack PDF
Lego WeDo 2.0 Robotics Pilot for Teachers Deborah McAllister PDF
Brief Review of the Rocket Team and 3D Printing Team Activities at the University of Louisville
Yongsheng Lian PDF
Correlation Of Terrestrial gamma flashes, Electric fields, and Lightning strikes (COTEL) 
T. Gregory Guzik PDF
NASA Center Student and Faculty Opportunities M. David Kankam PDF
National Space Grant 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Ballooning Project
Shane Mayer-Gawlik PDF
South Carolina Eclipse Project Presentation Cass Runyon PDF
Alabama Eclipse Project Presentation
Nicholas Jordan PDF
BCTC Eclipse Project Presentation
Tracy Knowles PDF
The Louisiana Solar Eclipse Project  T. Gregory Guzik PDF

2016 NorthEast Regional (New York, NY)
NASA HQ Space Grant Program Office Update  Lenell Allen PDF
Connecticut SGC Highlights Hisham Alnajjar PDF
Maine SGC Highlights Terry Shehata PDF
Massachusetts SGC Highlights J. Hoffman & R. Patel PDF
New Hampshire SGC Highlights Toni Galvin
Rhode Island SGC Highlights
Peter Schultz PDF
Vermont SGC Highlights Debra Fraser PDF
GISS Research and Education Programs
Matthew Pearce
Phosphorus and Nitrogen Controls on Methane Oxidation Across a Permafrost Thaw Gradient
Natalie Kashi PDF
Direct Numerical Simulation of Complex Flows in Pipe Bends  Ravon Venters PDF
Realizing Mixed-Reality Environments with Tablets for Intuitive Human-Robot Collaboration for Object Manipulation Tasks
Jared Alan Frank PDF
Peering Through the Clouds in Ithaca with Satellite Radar Imaging: An Overview of Ursa Space Systems Derek Edinger PDF
New York’s SG Community College Partnership Program
Tim Paglione PDF
A Community College’s Perspective on Participation in a Space Grant Consortium
Peter Angelastro PDF
CT Community College Quadcopter Challenge  Doug Hoffman PDF
CSTARS: The Cryogenics Star Tracking Attitude Regulation System  Michael Zemcov PDF
Total Eclipse Ballooning  Jani Pallis PDF

2016 Spring National (Washington, DC)
NASA Headquarters Update Lenell Allen PDF
NASA HQ Coordinators' Session HQ Program Staff PDF
Welcome / Introductions Stephen Ruffin PDF
Treasurer's Report
Majid Jaridi PDF
Compact for Faculty Diversity Institute on Teaching and Mentoring
Bob Bell
NanoRacks Microgravity Research Platforms:
“Big Science in a Small Box”

Carl Carruthers PDF
Six Days at the Edge of Space: 10 Years of HASP Balloon Flight Operations
Greg Guzik PDF
7th Annual First Nations Launch
High Powered Rocket Competition
K. Crosby, C. Thompson, J. Bertin and D. Freemont
Space Grant Student Research Presentations  (combined)
D. Hinckley, R. Carmichael, and J. Tessein PDF
7th Annual Academic High-Altitude (Ballooning) Conference “AHAC 2016” James Flaten PDF
National Space Grant Foundation Update
Philippe Geubelle &
Mitchell Hobish
Opportunities for Space Grant in the
American Velocity Challenge
Dave Lavery PDF
2017 Eclipse Ballooning Project
Angela Des Jardins PDF
SMD Science Education Status Update
Kristen Erickson PDF
SSEP Updates Jeff Goldstein PDF
Rapid Proliferation of Small Sats: Implications for Space Grant Luke Flynn PDF
NY Space Grant Community Collegr Partnership Program Tim Paglione PDF
NASA Research Announcement (NRA) -
Use of the NASA Physical Sciences Informatics System
Francis Chiaramonte PDF

2015 Fall National (Tucson, AZ)
NASA Headquarters Update Lenell Allen PDF
NASA HQ Coordinators' Session HQ Program Staff PDF
Welcome / Introductions Stephen Ruffin PDF
National Space Grant Foundation Update
Barrett Caldwell PDF
Growing Food in Space: The Steckler/Space Grant Lunar Greenhouse Project
Center for the Advancement of Science and Space Education Programs  Dan Barstow PDF
Eclipse Ballooning Project update 
Angela Des Jardins PDF
Interplanetary Small Sats: Opportunities for Universities and Citizen Scientists 
Mason Peck PDF
Community College Quadcopter Competition
James Flaten PDF
Flow Boiling in Micro-channel Experiment In Variable Gravity  Joshua Budish PDF
Increasing NASA Research Collaborations with Space Grants and Success of Wearable
Technology CLUSTER
Humberto “Beto” Sanchez PDF
Atmospheric conditions associated with extreme precipitation and landslides in southern California  Nina Oakley PDF
Patricia Mayes PDF
Contributions of Design Thinking to Innovation: JSC in the Classroom 
Ericka Ricciutti & Mircea Forte PDF
Space Grant Evaluation Update Patricia Moore Schaffer PDF
OSIRIS-REx Mission Overview  Dante Lauretta PDF
SG Participation @ Maker Faire Justin Smith PDF
Space Grant Community College Programs in New Jersey  Susan Monroe & Haim Baruh PDF
Lessons About the Importance of Hands-On Experience, World View Enterprises Mission
Tim Basta PDF
Community of Practice Program at Western Nevada College  Tom Herring PDF
UPR Science Payloads Built and Launched Through the RockSat-X Project 
Oscar Resto Samalis Santini Alexis Oquendo
Eric Adamsons Heins Kim
STEM Programs Unwrapped  Kam Yee

2015 Spring National (Washington, DC)
NASA Headquarters Update Lenell Allen PDF
Welcome and Executive Committee Update Stephen Ruffin PDF
Robotic Mining Competition, NASA KSC Richard Johanboeke PDF
Numerical Design of Plug Nozzle for
Micropropulsion Applications
Jason Pearl PDF
Exploring Miniature Electrodynamic
Tethers to Provide Propulsion and Other Capabilities to Picosatellites and Femtosatellites
Iverson Bell PDF
Space Grant's Impact on Education: NASA, Industry, and Academic Experiences Carly Sandin
Jorel Torres
Experiential Project Mgmt. for Student Research Teams 
Brian Stutzman PDF
Two Space Grant Supported Perspectives on Research:  A Continuous Trailing Edge Flap Design and Automated Landing Systems for Unmanned Air Vehicles Benjamin Leon PDF
Jackson, MS, Public Schools JROTC STEM
Competition and Field Day Outreach
Ian Dettwiller PDF
North Dakota UAS research: Putting
the Power of Information Gathering in the Hands of the Farmer
Alex Nikle PDF
Orion’s Quest - Authentic Space-Based Research for Youth Peter Lawrie PDF
Election Results Bill Garrard PDF
University of Cincinnati Flight Camp for Middle & High School
Amy Jameson
Kelly Cohen
National Space Grant Foundation Update
Philippe Geubelle PDF
Teacher Involvement SSEP - A School's Journey; The Difference Space Grant Makes Rachel Manzer PDF
2015 Fall Meeting - Tucson, AZ Tim Swindle PDF
Advanced Exploration Systems (AES) University Engagement Jason Crusan PDF
New Space Grant Directors Stephen Ruffin PDF
Xploration Outer Space
Emily Calandrelli PDF
2015 RockOn! Update Chris Koehler
Space Technology Mission Directorate
Jay Falker PDF

2014 Southeast Regional (Cocoa Beach, Florida)
NASA Headquarters Update Lenell Allen PDF
NASA Kennedy Space Center Priority Topics
Jose Nunez
Michael Lester
NASA Stennis Space Center Priority Topics Nathan Sovik PDF
Applied Physics Laboratory at KSC
Robert Youngquist PDF
Robotics Mining Competition and First Nations Rocket Competition Richard Johanboeke PDF
Space Florida R&D: From Business Development to Space Keevin Williams
Univ. of Florida Researchers at the Space Life Sciences Lab
Jamie Foster PDF
Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS)
Jonathan Volk
Alabama Research Highlights John Gregory
Arkansas Research Highlights Keith Hudson PDF
Florida Research Highlights Jaydeep Mukherjee PDF
Georgia Research Highlights Steve Ruffin
Kentucky Research Highlights
Janet Lumpp PDF
Louisiana Research Highlights
John Wefel
T. Gregory Guzik
Mississippi Research Highlights Peter Sukanek PDF
North Carolina Research Highlights Chris Brown PDF
Puerto Rico Research Highlights Gerardo Morell PDF
South Carolina Research Highlights Cass Runyon PDF

2014 Western Regional (Boulder, Colorado)
NASA Headquarters Update Lenell Allen PDF
Welcome Chris Koehler PDF
Lego Drop Chris Koehler PDF
Recruiting Engineers for the Future Liz Coelho PDF
Learning From Peers to Maximize the Impact of Engagement: Space Grant Internship Study Susan Brew PDF
Changing the Face of Colorado Space Grant Chris Koehler PDF
Fall 2015 National Space Grant Meeting in Arizona
Tim Swindle
Susan Brew
California Space Grant Partnership with MESA Program for Community College Lab Research Experiences Tehseen Lazzouni PDF
Colorado Undergraduate Retention in Science and Engineering (COURSE) Bernadette Garcia PDF
Bringing Community Colleges Together Through a Rocket Project Luke Flynn PDF
ecruiting, Engaging, and Retaining Underrepresented and First Generation College Students Victor Andersen PDF
AIAA Design, Build, Fly at North Dakota State University Emily Nordahl
Mitchel Nordahl
Exploring Astronomy Topics Through Planetarium Modules
Andrew Young
Michele Wistisen
COAs for UASs from FAA
Jennifer Fowler PDF
Colorado’s Role in the Space Industry Joe Rice PDF
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company and Space Grant Brett Tobey PDF
Who Will Warn Us of the Next Meteorite – NASA, Pentagon, Homeland Security, Twitter??? John Vanderford PDF
Creating Jobs and Making Dreams Come True: Tales from Near Space Jason Krueger PDF
Letting It All Out: A Therapeutic Discussion on OEPM
Susie Johnson PDF
National Network of Space Grant Total Eclipse High Altitude Balloon Angela Des Jardins PDF
Revitalization and Growth of the SEDS Student Organization at SDSM&T
Jason Ash
Jesse Hinricher
Joree Sandin

2014 Mid-Atlantic Regional (Williamsburg, VA)
NASA Headquarters Update Lenell Allen PDF
Highlights from Maryland Space Grant Terry Teays PDF
The Evolution of Student Summer Exchange Program Terry Teays PDF
High-Altitude Radiation Detector (HARD) for Undergraduate R&D Experience Brandon Lawrence
Aaron Neiman
Wookwon Lee
The Green Bank Observatory, A National STEM Facility Sue Ann Heatherly PDF
Highlights from New Jersey Space Grant Joe Miles PDF
STEM and Underrepresented Minority Groups: A Sociological Perspective
B. Chad Starks PDF
Commonwealth STEM Industry Internship Program John Iacobucci PDF
University Design Competition for Addressing Airport Needs and Airport Cooperative Research Program Graduate Research Awards Mary Sandy PDF
Asteroid Redirect Mission Overview: A First Step in the Journey of Human Space Exploration and Settlement Daniel Mazanek PDF
The BLAST Program (Building Leaders for Advancing Science and Technology) Edward Murphy PDF
Integrated STEM for Preservice Teachers (inSTEP) Elizabeth Joyner PDF
Virginia Tech Student Projects in Collaboration with NASA’s Johnson Space Center
Tom Martin PDF
Student Flight Projects with RockOn, RockSAT, and the High Altitude Student Platform
Kevin Shinpaugh PDF
Virginia Space Grant Consortium Support of Space @ VT Wayne Scales PDF
NASA Langley Aeronautics Research Academy (TIGRESS) Technology in Ground Rescue and Environmental Stress Sensing. Design, Build, and Fly Jeffrey Szczubelek PDF
Virginia Informal Environments: Cultivating Vines of Commitment for STEM Joanna Garner PDF
New Jersey Space Grant – Union County College Collaboration Nicole Cippoletti PDF
Space Grant Community College Initiatives Sharing Session - Alabama
Debora Nielson PDF
Space Grant Community College Initiatives Sharing Session - Louisiana Colleen Fava PDF
Space Grant Community College Initiatives Sharing Session - New Jersey
Joe Miles PDF
Space Grant Community College Initiatives Sharing Session - North Carolina Jobi Cook PDF
Space Grant Community College Initiatives Sharing Session - Virginia
Mary Sandy PDF
Space Grant Community College Initiatives Sharing Session - West Virginia Majid Jaridi PDF
DC Space Grant Supported Student - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Internship Experience: Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) Measurement To Characterize Tracking And Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) Channel Impairment
Derssie Mebratu PDF
West Virginia Space Public Outreach Team (SPOT) Justin Smith PDF
Hopper Spacecraft Simulator
Brian Wisniewski
Billy Hau
DC Space Grant Supported Student - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Internship Experience: Developing of the Next Generation Miniaturized Laser Heterodyne Radiometer Anthony DiGregorio PDF
Geospatial Student Service Learning Project with NASA
Chris Carter
David Webb
Cherie Aukland
Wallops Flight Facility: Today and Tomorrow Bill Wrobel PDF
Educational Programs at NASA Wallops Flight Facility
Joyce Winterton PDF

2014 Great Midwestern Regional (Des Moines, Iowa)
NASA HQ Update Lenell Allen PDF 
Working Together David Kankam PDF
LSAMP A. James Hicks PDF
Michigan Innovative Programs: NextProf, SROP & MISNER Elaine Dowell PDF
Things We Did This Summer (Indiana SGC) Barrett Caldwell PDF
Urban Students do Physics and Astronomy Research Kimberly Coble PDF
Wisconsin First Nations Launch and Flight Programs
Kevin Crosby PDF
Thoughts on Demographics Gary Slater PDF
Ohio Engages Underserved Students P. Ruby Mawasha PDF
Minnesota Program Overview Bill Garrard PDF
Minnesota Space Grant Flight Projects James Flaten PDF
Minnesota High Altitude X-ray Detector Test Bed Demoz Gebre Egziabher PDF
Missouri Program Overview
Dave Riggins PDF
Missouri A Bridge to the Stars
Dan McIntosh PDF
Iowa Diverse Programs Provides Opportunities Charisse Buising PDF

National - Spring 2014 (Washington, DC)
NASA HQ Update Lenell Allen PDF 
NASA HQ Coordinators Session HQ Staff PDF
Centennial Challenges Program Space Technology Mission Directorate Larry Cooper PDF
The Crowded Universe Alan Boss PDF
New Views of Exoplanets from NASA’s
Kepler mission
Dan Fabrycky PDF
STEM Education in Formal and Informal Environments: The REAL Way Merryn Cole PDF
STEM and the Future Workforce: The Messenger Matters
B. Chad Starks PDF
One Woman's Story of Retooling Her Life
for a New Career in Aviation
Bettina Edelstein PDF
RockOn 5 Update Chris Koehler PDF
Center Internships and Space Grant Frank Six PDF
Election Results James Flaten PDF
A Glimpse into the Past: Yardangs on Mars Angela Dapremont PDF
Probing the Origin of the Universe with the EBEX Balloon-Borne Telescope
Kate Raach PDF
The Johns Hopkins University Rocketry Team (The Hopkinauts)
Marie Hepfer PDF
AIRSPACES: Air-Propelled Instrumented Robotic Sensory Platform for Assateague
Coastline Environmental Studies
Daniel Villalobos PDF
Active Flight Load Alleviation Using Segmented Trailing Edge Wings on a Small UAS Benjamin Martins PDF
Space Grant Program Updates and Presentation from Council Chair Yervant Terzian PDF
National Network of Space Grant Total Eclipse High Altitude Balloon Flights Angela Des Jardins
Chris Koehler
National Space Grant Foundation
Merrill Lynch Account Investment Update

Angela Des Jardins PDF
Space Grant Usage of Social Media Denise Thorsen
Raji Patel
Darren Hitt
Caitlin Nolby
Michael Rice
Treasurer's Report Peter Sukanek PDF

National - Fall 2013 (Charleston, South Carolina)
Fallacies and Paradoxes Yervant Terzian PDF 
25th Anniversary of Space Grant Dick Henry PDF
25th Anniversary of Space Grant Mary Sandy PDF
25th Anniversary of Space Grant John Wefel PDF
Space Grant - 25 Years of Memories
Path Toward a Scalable Lunar Volatiles Miner Prototype Aaron Olson PDF
Developing a Tohono O’odham
Weather and Climate Curriculum
Casey Kahn-Thornbrugh PDF
The Dawn Discovery Mission:
A Voyage in Space and Time
Chris Russell PDF
RockOn Update Chris Koehler PDF
Free to Roll Sting For General Aviation Aircraft Dale Utt III PDF
2013: A Space (Grant) Odyssey Daniel Wukelic PDF
Radiation Recoil Effects on the Dynamical Evolution of Asteroids Desire� Cotto-Figueroa PDF
Development of a Free-Floating Experiment within a Suborbital Launch Vehicle
Gerardo Martinez PDF
Hidden Impact Basins and the Early Bombardment History of the Moon
Heather M. Meyer PDF
Curiosity Rover Update Jennifer Harris Trosper PDF
Collaborations Between Space Grant Lead Institutions and NCESSE / Clarke Institute Jeff Goldstein PDF
KELT-6b: Discovery of a Transiting Mildly-Inflated Saturn with a Bright Metal-Poor Host Karen Collins PDF
Ear Manipulations Reveal Importance of Gravity Input for Orientation Development Karen Elliott Thompson PDF
Restoring Apollo:
Bringing Lunar Data Back to Life

Marie McBride PDF
A Discrete, Multiphase Flow Approach to Monopropellant-Based Micropropulsion M. Ryan McDevitt PDF
Northeast Regional Collaborative Robotics Workshop for Educators Raji Patel PDF
C.R.A.T.E Robotics, Hovercraft Project, and PSD Project Raven Hooper PDF
Space for STEM: Re-thinking our Options and Opportunities Shirley Malcom PDF
SOFIA: First Light to First Science Terry Herter PDF
Five Years, One Rocket, Zero Gravity …and a Space Station
Tess Caswell PDF
Stable Carbon Isotope Analysis of Putative High-Temperature Tolerant Anaerobic Methanotrophs Zena Cardman PDF
The S.C. Sea Grant Consortium: Overview, Issues, and Opportunities for Collaboration Richard DeVoe PDF

National - Fall 2012 (Seattle, Washington)
NASA Space Grant Program Office Update Dr. Carl Person
& Katie Pruzan
The Role of Space Grant Within NASA Education - Strategic Planning Session Dr. Carl Person PDF
Consortium Coordination Session Dr. Carl Person and NASA HQ Staff PDF
The Role of EPSCoR Within NASA Education Dr. Carl Person PDF
Space Grant Strategic Planning Workshop Yervant Terzian PDF
National SG Strengths and Weaknesses Jaydeep Mukherjee PDF
National SG History and Accomplishments
John Wefel PDF
National SG Evaluation Process Jack Higginbotham PDF
Update from SpaceX Adam Harris PDF
National SG Student Satellite Program Angela Des Jardins PDF
Involving Native Americans in STEM Activities Through Space Grant Support Gary L. Brandt PDF
Nominating Committee Report Bill Garrard PDF
Update from Planetary Resources Chris Lewicki PDF
Update: Spring 2013 National Council of Space Grant Directors' Meeting - Washington, DC
Eric Day PDF
Update: Fall 2013 National Council of Space Grant Directors' Meeting - Charleston, South Carolina
Cassandra Runyon
& Cynthia Hall
Minority Innovation Challenges Institute Jason Black PDF
Zero Robotics Program Update Jeffrey Hoffman PDF
Space Grant Responses to
Diversity Data Collection
Joey Key PDF
Update from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Mablelene Burrell PDF
Embry-Riddle S.O.A.R.S Higher Program Update

Nathan Silvernail PDF
Microbiological Analysis of Atmospheric Samples Collected Using Balloon Payloads Noelle Bryan PDF
Update from the National Space Grant Foundation Peter Sukanek & Mark Fischer PDF
The Next Decade:
Space Grant Goals and Objectives
Stephen Ruffin PDF
Ballooning for High School Teachers and University Level Students T.G. Guzik PDF

MidAtlantic Regional - 2012 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
NASA Space Grant Program Office Update Dr. Carl Person
& Diane DeTroye
New Space Grant Program Partnerships with the Commonwealth of Virginia Mary Sandy &
Chris Carter
Space Grant Program at Cheyney University Sakkar Eva PDF
Citizen Science: A Renaissance in People-Powered Science Darlene Cavalier PDF
New Jersey Space Grant Updates/Highlights Haim Baruh PDF
Influence of exchange bias on magnetic losses in CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB tunnel
Ryan Stearrett PDF
Saving the Best for Last: Wheeling Jesuit University/Center for Educational
Chuck Wood PDF
The First Two Decades: Akaflieg Penn State Mark Maughmer ZIP
Maryland Space Grant Highlights Dick Henry &
Terry Teays
National Space Grant Foundation Update Mark Fischer Awaiting
Other New and Expanded VSGC Programs Mary Sandy &
Chris Carter
Multi-Sample In Situ Filtration System from Deep Sea Thermal Vents Paul Spencer PDF
Daniel Villalobos PDF
Exciting Space Projects for Students: Past Projects and Future Opportunities
Jin Kang ZIP
Rockets, Robots, Hovercraft, Quadracopters, All for the STEM of it John Helferty PDF
My Internship Experience at Penn State Astrobiology Research Center: Summer 2012 Jenny Verniero PDF
Mentoring Students in Rocketry via the Rock-On and Rock-SAT-C Programs Joe Miles PDF
MATE: An International STEM Approach Velda Morris, Jane White, and Joseph
Emerging Leaders Institute at Bluefield State College

Dr. Felica Williams, Sasha
Richmond, Mardochee Isme

SouthEast Regional - 2012 (Little Rock, Arkansas)
NASA Space Grant Program Office Update Dr. Carl Person
& Diane DeTroye
Arkansas Pico/Nano-Satellite Project Micro Propulsion Systems Adam Huang PDF
Educating Undergraduate Space Science Students with Real Space Missions Bob Twiggs PDF
South Carolina Space Grant Update (Video) Cassandra Runyon ZIP
Robotics for Middle Grades (4-8) Deborah McAllister PDF
CubeSat & CanSat Programs in Georgia Stephen Ruffin PDF
CanSat Georgia Tech Video (to Accompany Presentation Above)
*** Video
University of Kentucky
Space Systems Laboratory
Jason Rexroat PDF
Mars or Bust Larry Benton ZIP
Lessons Learned from Student Built CubeSats: SWAMPSAT Shawn Johnson, Kunal Patankar, Bungo Shiotani, Norman Fitz-Coy PDF
Arkansas BalloonSAT: Outreach and Research Tillman Kennon &
Ed Roberts

National - Spring 2012 (Arlington, VA)
NASA Education Update Leland Melvin Awaiting Presentation 
NASA Headquarters Updates Diane DeTroye PDF
Great Idea Updates Chris Koehler PDF
Great Idea - Space Grant Success Stories Website Eric Day PDF
Great Idea - Redefinition Joey Key PDF
Great Idea - National Space Grant Booth Toni Galvin PDF
Great Idea - Space Grant Director Mentors
Haim Baruh PDF
Great Idea -Space Grant Planning Conference Yervant Terzian PDF
Great Idea - Space Grant Student Conference / Posters Gary Slater & Stephen Haug PDF
Great Idea - Sharing highly-rated proposals James Flaten PDF
Great Idea - National SG Alumni Academy Sharon Brandt PDF
National Space Grant Commercial Robert Winglee PDF | Video
UND Lunabotics
Jeremiah Neubert PDF| Video
Fall 2012 National Space Grant Meeting Update (Seattle, Washington)
Robert Winglee PDF
Centennial Challenges Larry Cooper PDF
UTeachEngineering & NASA Efforts in STEM Education Policy Lisa Guerra PDF
A NASA and COSGC Collaboration to
Train Tomorrow’s Engineers and PIs
Chris Koehler PDF
CT Space Grant Summer Helicopter Program Al Gates PDF |Video
Solid-Modeling and Structural Analysis for BWG Type-2 Antenna Feed-Platform
Andrew Crawford PDF
How the Space Grant program helped spawn a ND tech company David Dvorak PDF
Treasurer's Report Peter Sukanek PDF
Lasers and Landing Sites: Preparing for Curiosity Ryan Anderson PDF

National - Fall 2011 (Green Bay, WI)
NASA Headquarters Program Update Diane DeTroye PDF
Astrobiology Scientific Ballooning as a High School Career Development Model Terry Shehata PDF
Update from the National Space Grant Foundation Wally Fowler PDF
National Space Grant Student Satellites Program update Luke Flynn &
Angela Des Jardins

Reaching for the Stars - Inspiring with High Altitude Science

Luther Richardson PDF
Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program Douglas Goforth PDF
SG Internship Working Group Update
Barrett Caldwell PDF
ISS National Lab Education Project Debbie Biggs PDF
Star Lab Lauch Vehicle: New Suborbital Opportunities from Florida Panayot Slavov PDF
Consortium Coordination Session Diane DeTroye &
Katie Pruzan
Internships at Johnson Space Center Frank Prochaska PDF
NASA Space Technology Research Fellows Program Liz Ward
MN Space Grant - Middle School High-Altitude Ballooning Initiative “MSHABI”
James Flaten PDF
Space Foundation Education Programs
Iain Probert PDF
Facebook Tips for Space Grant Janice Riley PDF
Enhancing Space Education: An iPad App John Boucha PDF
RockSat: A NASA and Space Grant Collaboration to Train Tomorrow’s Engineers Chris Koehler PDF

Mid-Atlantic Regional - 2011
NASA Headquarters Update Diane DeTroye PDF
New Jersey Sea Grant Update Claire Antonucci PDF
Virginia SGC Highlights Mary Sandy & Chris Carter PDF
FAA Aviation & Space Education Outreach Program Mary Lou Dordan PDF
NASA Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Program Marcus Fisher PDF
Pennsylvania SGC- Undergraduate Research Programs Alli Fox PDF
NASA Innovations in Climate Education (NICE)
Andi Geyer PDF
Pennsylvania SGC: Hands-on Science and Engineering Programs Chris House PDF
2011 Summer Physics Research Program at Rowan University Karen Magee-Sauer PDF
New Jersey SGC - FY 2010 Activities Joe Miles PDF
Delaware SGC Highlights Dermott Mullan PDF
Update on HEOMD and KSC Educational Program Gloria Murphy PDF
DC SGC: Student Spaceflight Experiments Program
Anthonette Pe�a PDF
Maryland SGC: Integrating a Community Model of the Chesapeake Bay into a Web 2.0 Based Framework using the Google Maps API, Django and AJAX
David Raizen PDF
Overview of the Liberty Science Center Ruben Rosario PDF
Supporting Scientists of the Future Through NJSGC Programs at Seton Hall University M. Alper Şahiner PDF
New Jersey SGC: The College of New Jersey MUSE Program Bijan Sepahpour PDF
What Happens to the Body in Space, and What to do About it - Human Sensorimotor Adaptation to Space Flights Long and Short Mark Shelhamer PDF
NASA’s New York City Research Initiative
Collaboration with New Jersey Space Grant
Frank Scalzo PDF
West Virginia SGC: Update from the SMART Center Robert & Libby Strong PDF
Rutgers University: Overview from School of Engineering:
Office of Student Development
Candiece White PDF

Northeastern Regional - 2011
Connecticut SGC Update   PDF
Massachusetts SGC Update   PDF
Maine SGC Update   PDF
New York SGC Update   PDF
Rhode Island SGC Update   PDF
Vermont SGC Update   PDF
Evidence of Changes, Model Projections, and Remote Sensing Approaches
Correspondence Between Net Oxygen Production and Measurements of Inherent Optical Properties   PDF
Tracking Ice Flow in Two Greenland Outlet Glaciers   PDF
Forest Watch: 20 Years in the Public Schools - A New Hampshire Space Grant Consortium Success Story   PDF
Astrobiology-�Scientfic Ballooning Model for Career Development   PDF
Northeast Star Party   PDF
The Tecumseh Research and Education Transect (TRET)
Space Grant successes at Plymouth State University
UNH Lunabots Team Presentation   PDF
FIRST WIST Forum at White Mountains Community College   PDF

Southeastern Regional -2011
PARSEC: Pisgah Astronomical Research and Science Education Center   PDF
South Carolina Space Grant Consortium - ROCKETING Educators to the 21st CENTURY   PDF
NASA Langley Research Center Strategic Relationships Office (SRO) Office of Education Higher Education Programs   PDF
Kenan Fellows Program Overview   PDF
Updates from two Kenan Fellows (LaCosse & Taylor) PDF PDF
NC Space Grant: NC Community College System’s Outreach and Innovative Programs   PDF
The “Weightless Lumbees” Outreach Program
East Carolina University - Promoting Partnerships with the College of Education   PDF
Star Lab Lauch Vehicle: Linking Higher Education with Industry   PDF
CAN-DOO: Climate Action Network through Direct Observations and Outreach   PDF
LaSPACE – Michoud Education Fellows (MEF) Program   PDF

National - Spring 2011 (Washington, DC)
NASA Headquarters Program Update Diane DeTroye PDF
Auburn High Altitude Balloon (AHAB) Chelsea Appleget PDF
Determining the Relationship between Cosmic Rays and the Atmosphere Courtney Peck PDF
High Altitude Student Platform (HASP) Kyle Kemble PDF
Maryland Space Grant: Student Experience Highlights
Heather Bradshaw PDF
Space Suit Research in North Dakota—It Began with Space Grant Pablo de Leon PDF
National Center for Earth and Space Science Education (NCESSE)
Jeff Goldstein PDF
Space Foundation Education Programs and 2012 Conference Iain Probert PDF
Fall 2011 National Meeting in Green Bay, Wisconsin Sharon Brandt PDF
Fall 2012 National Meeting in Seattle, Washington Robert Winglee PDF
Update from the National Space Grant Foundation Mark Fischer PDF
Educational CubeSats Update Angela Des Jardins
The National Student Solar Spectrograph Competition
Randy Larimer PDF
The 2nd Annual Academic High Altitude Conference
Jay Staker PDF
CubeLab Payload Developers Workshop Kris Kimel PDF
Space Grant in OSSI:SOLAR: Overview Tutorial Courtney Danto PDF

National - Fall 2010 (Portland, ME)
NASA Headquarters Program Update Diane DeTroye PDF
OwenSoftware: Life’s big decisions just got a lot easier… with Pathevo™STEM Janice Riley PDF
Rhode Island School of Design - Great Moonbuggy Race Michael Lye PDF

2011 High-Altitude Intercollegiate Balloon Contest & 2011 Academic High-Altitude Ballooning Conference

James Flaten PDF
Connecticut Space Grant Helicopter Program Al Gates PDF
ESMD Working Group Update Wally Fowler / Raji Patel PDF
Idaho, Utah, Montana: Summer of Innovation Aaron Thomas & Ed Galindo


Massachusetts Summer of Innovation Raji Patel PDF
New Mexico Summer of Innovation Judy McShannon PDF
NASA Student Solar Spectrograph Competition Randy Larmier PDF
A Workshop on: Integration of Design and hands-on learning into STEM Curriculum Fathi Finaish PDF
IronSat: Ironwood’s Scientific Ballooning Project Mark Ford
NASA ESMD Lunabotics Competition and Montana MULE
Jennifer Hane PDF
Update from the National Space Grant Foundation Mark Fischer PDF
Nominating Committee Report Bill Garrard PDF
National Space Grant Student Satellite Program Luke Flynn PDF
Student On-Line Application for Recruiting Interns, Fellows, and Scholars (SOLAR) Ashanti Johnson PDF
Extreme Environments Habitat Design
An Engineering Senior Design Course
Laura Ikuma PDF
Spring 2011 National Space Grant Directors' Meeting Richard Berendzen PDF
Rockets in Wisconsin: WSGC Collegiate Rocket Competition and First Nations Launch R. Aileen Yingst PDF
NASA’s ELaNa Program and it’s First CubeSat Mission Ehson Mosleh, Daniel Erb and Nicole Doyle PDF
Treasurer's Report Peter Sukanek PDF
2011 Fall National Space Grant Director's Meeting - Wisconsin R. Aileen Yingst PDF
Update – NASA Academy & Other Higher Ed. Opportunities M. David Kankam, Brad Bailey and Frank Six PDF
Blue Origin
Research & Education Missions
Alan Stern PDF
Building and Fostering Partnerships to Increase Participation and Diversity in STEM Sandy Thomas PDF
Providing Opportunities Through Useful Intern Projects:An Industry Perspective Vito Moreno PDF

Mid-Atlantic Regional - 2010

Update from NASA Langley University Affairs Officer

Educating the Engineer of 2020 - Visions of Engineering in the New Century

Dr. Thomas E. Pinelli PDF
NASA Headquarters Program Update Dr. Warfield Teague PDF
DC Space Grant Highlights - Programs of The National Center for Earth and Space Science Education (NCESSE) Dr. Jeff Goldstein PDF
Internship Opportunities at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Dave Rosage PDF
A New Spin on Education - NSTAR Center Education Programs Gregory Kennedy PDF
New Jersey Space Grant Highlights Dr. Haim Baruh PDF
Rutgers University - Broadening Participation in STEM Ph.D. Programs Dr. Evelyn S. Erenrich PDF
Pennsylvania Space Grant Highlights Heather Nelson PDF

The Summers of a Lifetime: My LARSS Internships Experiences

Langley Aerospace Research Summer Scholars Summer and Fall 2009

Tommi Barrett-Greenly and Bryan Greenly PDF
University of Delaware School of Marine Science and Policy - The Intraterrestrials: Life Inside the Earth Jennifer Biddle PDF

Great Mid-Western Regional - 2010
DePaul University - Balloon Based Undergraduate Cosmic Ray Study Dr. David Jabon PDF
NASA Headquarters Program Update Katie Pruzan PDF
Numerical Simulations of the Mars Science
Laboratory Supersonic Parachute
Graham Candler PDF
University of Minnesota 1st Freshman Seminar Flight "GopherLaunch 12" Dr. James Flaten PDF
The NOvA Experiment Marvin L. Marshak PDF
Satellite Observations of Band-Limited Pc 1 Waves Associated with Streaming H+ and O+ ions in Earth’s High-Latitude Magnetosphere Carl Kahlstorf



Elijah Balloon Payload 2010 Stephanie Finnvik PDF
Suborbital Rocketry: Payload Design and Involvement Bryce Schaefer PDF
Preparation of Magnetized Biopolymer-clay Adsorbents Stefan Bischof, Winston Allen, Jerilyn Jourdain and Kim Boland



Central State University Ballooning Program Dr. Augustus Morris PDF
Introduction to Aerospace Engineering
A Freshman-level Course in Aircraft
Performance and Design
Dr. Philippe H. Geubelle PDF
Introduction to Aerospace Engineering
A Freshman-level Course in Rocketry and Satellite Design
Dr. Philippe H. Geubelle PDF
Human Factors and Systems Engineering Explorations of Spaceflight Operations Dr. Barrett Caldwell PDF
NASA ESMD Summer 2010 Faculty Fellowships Dr. Christina Carmen PDF
Missouri S&T
Advanced Aero Vehicle Group - SAE Aero Design Competition
Matthew Walter PDF
Missouri S&T Satellite Team (M-SAT) Hank Pernicka and Steve McDonald PDF
AAVG - Advanced Aero Vehicle Group Dave Althuis PDF
New Materials: Real and Imagined Richard D. James PDF
Student Satellite Development: Lessons Learned from M-Cubed & RAX Michael Heywood PDF
Rocketry Projects Conducted at the University of Cincinnati 2009-2010 Grant Schaffner and
Rob Charvat

Western Regional - 2010
A Faculty Researcher's Perspective on Nebraska Space Grant Dr. Shane Farritor PDF
NASA Headquarters Program Update Diane DeTroye PDF
Airborne High Resolution AISA Imagery Dr. John Schalles PDF
Enhancements to the LIDAR Atmospheric Monitoring Systems at the Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina & Enhancing Online Physics Courses with NASA Material Dr. Gregory Snow & Maria Becker PDF
HASP SKC Wide Field Study Robert Sanchez PDF
Innovative Ways to Engage Students in STEM Dana Richter-Egger PDF
National Space Grant Student Satellite Program: Addressing U.S. Space Program Priorities Luke Flynn PDF
Enhancing Introductory Community College Courses with Hands-on Projects Bill Spurgeon PDF
Evaluating and Assessing Grant Education Programs Gwen Nugent PDF
Nevada Geobiology Summer Short Course Chris Fritzen PDF
Investigations of Advanced Manufacturing Techniques for Small Lightweight Aircraft Eric Musil PDF
Engaging Students with Robotics: A New STEM Curriculum Dr. Neal Grandgenett, Dr. Robert Goeman, and Dr. Paul Clark PDF
ESMD Faculty Project Dr. Janusz Zalewski PDF
5th Annual Robotics Challenge | RockOn | RockSat-C | RockSat-X Chris Koehler PDF
Electronic Procedure Viewer Design for Next-Generation Spacecraft Andrea Gilkey PDF
Update from the National Space Grant Foundation Mark Fischer PDF
Science at Tribal Colleges: Contrasts, Integrations, and Approaches Colleen Campbell PDF
Student Research at Little Priest Tribal College Louie Thunderhawk PDF
Student Research at Little Priest Tribal College
Sinte Nupa Gilbert
Nebraska AIAA Chapter Student Design Teams & Microgravity Team Kyrik Weidman, Joe Bartels, Eldon Summerson, Andrea Gilkey, & Andrew Kelley PDF
Near Space Impacting STEM Students Jason Krueger PDF
ModRED, Modular Self-Reconfigurable Robot for Autonomous Exploration and Discovery – Hardware Construction and Motion Control Algorithms Carl Nelson and Zach Ramaekers PDF
Idaho, Montana, and Utah: Summer of Innovation Aaron Thomas and Ed Galindo PDF
Panel: Cost Share Success Stories and Obstacles Pat Hynes (Moderator) PDF
From Nebraska to ALASKA! 2011 Western Regional Space Grant Meeting Details Becky Lees PDF

Southeastern Regional - 2010

ESMD-Faculty Fellowship Report

Peter Schmidt PDF
Space Missions: Integrated Product Team
Program Overview
--- PDF
Educating the Engineer of 2020 Thomas Pinelli PDF

Northeastern Regional - 2010

Square Kilometer Array

Dr. Yervant Terzian PDF
Meeting Agenda   PDF

National - Spring 2010
NASA Headquarters Updates Diane DeTroye PDF
Consortium Coordination Session / OEPM Updates K. Pruzan / K. Sadeghian PDF
EPSCoR 2010 Spring Caucus Meeting D. DeTroye, S. de Silva, L. Rabelo & W. Teague PDF
ISS National Lab Education Project Mark Severance PDF
CRuSR, STEM & Inspiration Charles Miller PDF
International Year of Astronomy & Beyond James Manning PDF
Space News Student Outreach Bill Klanke PDF
ESMD Space Grant Project FY2010 Solicitation G. Murphy / S. Sawyer PDF
Advanced Space Technologies Research & Engineering Center Norman Fitz-Coy PDF
Combining Research and Education in Space Propulsion T. Liu, A. Gallimore & B. Gilchrist PDF
NASA Innovation and Technology Preliminary Planning Robert D. Braun PDF
Treasurer's Report Peter Sukanek PDF
Executive Committee Updates Chris Koehler PDF
Accessing Systems Engineering Curriculum and Resources Lisa A. Guerra PDF
2010 National Fall Meeting - Portland, ME Terry Shehata PDF
Update of 2010 GSFC Summer Interns Dave Rosage PDF
Colorado SGC - Student Presentation Shellene Wright & Stacy Jonet PDF
Kentucky SGC - Student Presentation Daniel Erb & Zach Jacobs PDF
West Virginia SGC - Student Presentation
Kerri Phillips & Kyle Phillips
RockOn! 2010 - A Sounding Rocket Payload Workshop Chris Koehler PDF
Student On-Line Application for Recruiting Interns, Fellows and Scholars Diane DeTroye PDF
Design & Hands-On Experiences in Engineering Workshop Fathi Finaish PDF
National Space Grant Foundation - Updates Mark Fischer PDF
National Space Grant Student Satellite Program - Update Luke Flynn PDF
What's New and Exciting with Pathevo STEM 2.0 - OwenSoftware Janice Riley PDF

National - Fall 2009
NASA Headquarters Update Diane DeTroye PDF
2010 Spring National SG Meeting in DC - Details Richard Berendzen PDF
NASA Academy Briefing --- PDF
PSARC: Probing Unusual Microorganisms of the Earth Chris House PDF
National Space Grant Foundation - Updates Mark Fischer PDF
2010 RockOn! Workshop Chris Koehler PDF
National Council Executive Committee Updates Chris Koehler PDF
ESMD Updates Gloria Murphy PDF
Microbe Hunting In and Beneath Antarctic Ice Chris Fritsen PDF
2010 Internships at GSFC D. Rosage & B. Meeson PDF
Student Ballooning and the High Altitude Student Platform (HASP) Greg Guzik PDF
Weeklong Helicopter Training for Undergraduate Students Al Gates PDF
Strategies for Increasing Diversity in STEM Sandy Thomas & Ashanti Pyrtle PDF
The Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph and IRIS E/PO Angela Des Jardins PDF
Langley Aerospace Research Summer Scholars (LARSS) Program Debbie Murray PDF
Making Space Science More Accessible Jobi Cook & Cynthia Hall PDF
Roving Mars: 2,000+ sols into a 90-sol mission R. Aileen Yingst PDF
Space Grant Internship Working Group Barrett S. Caldwell PDF
Plasma Propulsion for Space Travel Alec Gallimore PDF
Student Space Programs Lab: Training the Next Generation... Sven Bilen PDF
The Utah State Lunar and Planetary Surface Landing Research Vehicle Stephen A. Whitmore PDF
Wide field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) Jed Hancock PDF
SPHERES / Zero Robotics Jeffrey A. Hoffman PDF

Mid-Atlantic Regional 2009
NASA Headquarters Update Diane DeTroye PDF
ESMD Space Grant Project Luis Rabelo PDF
Simulation of Propellant Loading Using GFSSP Alak Bandyopadhyay PDF
VASGC Highlights Mary Sandy PDF
National Space Grant Foundation - Updates Mark Fischer PDF
VASTS Amber Agee-DeHart PDF
Pulsar Research at NRAO-Green Bank,WV Duncan Lorimer PDF
The Emerging Leader Institute Felica Wooten Williams PDF
SPACE and its Collaboration With NASA IV&V Lisa Montgomery, Kyle Phillips, and Emily Calandrelli PDF
DESGC Highlights Dermott Mullan PDF
Middle School Teachers Math and Science Workshop Harry Shipman PDF
Pennsylvania Engaging New Opportunities Chris House PDF
Flying Higher and Further John Helferty PDF
MDSGC Focus Project Terry Teays PDF
MDSGC Highlights Terry Teays PDF
The High Altitude Record Ben Phillips PDF
NJSGC Highlights Haim Baruh PDF
LaRC Updates Roger Hathaway PDF
SAM Prabhakar Misra and Raul Garcia–Sanchez PDF
Goddard Collaboration with SG Consortia Dave Rosage PDF
EDA-Space Grant Collaboration Benefits Anne Cavalier PDF

Midwestern Regional 2009
Future Space Research/Collaboration Opportunities with
NASA Glenn Research Center
Robert J. Shaw PDF
Physical and Numerical Visualizations of Unsteady
Separated Flows
Fathi Finaish PDF
Education Opportunities with NASA Glenn Darla J. Jones PDF
NASA Research in Propulsion (Aero and Space) and Potential
Collaboration Opportunities
Isaiah M. Blankson PDF
Employment Opportunities at NASA Glenn Cynthia D. Forman PDF
National Space Grant Foundation - Updates Mark Fischer PDF
Future Space Research/Collaboration Opportunities with the
Air Force Research Laboratory
Kirt S. Moser PDF
Seed Grant Impact: Compressive Sensing for Remote Sensing Atul Divekar PDF
NASA Headquarters Update Diane DeTroye PDF
ESMD Space Grant Project Luis C. Rabelo PDF
ESMD Summer Faculty Project Ghanashyam Joshi PDF
Modification of Aluminium using Organosilane Coatings... Tanya Miracle PDF
Survival of Amino Acids Under Mars Simulated Surface... Adam Johnson PDF

Western Regional 2009
NASA Headquarters Update Diane DeTroye PDF
Western Regions Meeting Presentation Chris Fritsen PowerPoint
Internship Miniworkshop Final Report Chris Fritsen PDF
NASA Academy - Ames Carolyn Belle & John Ferreira PowerPoint
2009 Fall Directors' Meeting Jack Higginbotham PowerPoint
Hands-On Automation and Controls Curriculum Daniel P. Cook PDF | Video
NASA JSC Updates and Highlights Bryan Dansberry PowerPoint
National Space Grant Foundation - Updates Mark Fischer PowerPoint
ESMD Faculty Project Jiang Guo PowerPoint
ESMD Updates and Future Opportunities Susan Sawyer PowerPoint
NRC Planetary Science Decadal Survey Wendy Calvin PowerPoint
A Multiple Team Project Model for the Educational Pipeline at ASU Thomas Sharp PowerPoint
Mars Society's - University Rover Challenge Travis Fields PowerPoint
A Rocket Launch for International Student Satellites Hawaii ARLISS Team PowerPoint
New Mexico SGC - Student Launch Program Judy McShannon PowerPoint
UNLV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Thin-Film Solar Cell Initiative Ann Marie Frappier PowerPoint
Unique, high elevation, mountain-top atmospheric research facility readily accessible under all weather conditions Gannet Hallar PowerPoint
Airborne Science Program Randy Albertson PowerPoint
2009 Rock-On Stop Animation Gabe Herz Video
AGN Feedback by Radiation and Radiation-Driven Outflows Daniel Proga PowerPoint

National-Spring 2009
NASA Education Updates Joyce Winterton PDF
Obama Transition Team Presentation Chris Koehler Power Point
Secretary/Treasurer's Report G. Morell & P. Sukanek PDF
Nominating Committee Update and Elections (ballot) Bill Byrd PDF
National Space Grant Foundation Update Mark Fischer Power Point
NFB Youth Slam 2009 Karen Zakhnini Awaiting Presentation
HQ Program Update Diane DeTroye PDF
Consortium Coordination Session Diane DeTroye PDF
National SG Student Satellite Program Update L. Flynn/M. Drake/C. Koehler Power Point
National Hands-On Workshops Chris Koehler Power Point
Sounding Rockets in Alaska Denise Thorsen Power Point  Rocket Video
New Spacecraft Construction Technique James Lyke Power Point
University Space Competition (U-Space) Brian Gilchrist Power Point
The World According to the Hubble Telescope Mario Livio PDF
SMD Student Collaborations Mike McGrath Power Point
ESMD/Space Grant Project Updates Diane DeTroye for Gloria Murphy Power Point
The Heinlein Prize - Microgravity Flight to Space Competition Buckner Hightower Awaiting Presentation
International Year of Astronomy-Opportunitites for SG Jim Manning Awaiting Presentation
Fall 2009 National Meeting Update - Portland, Oregon Jack Higginbotham Power Point
VASGC LARSS/GIS Student Internship Opportunities Chris Carter & Debbie Murray Power Point
SMART Goal Writing Barry Nagle Power Point
Physics & Aerospace Catalyst Experiences for Students
Dr. T. G. Guzik
Power Point
SEF Spaceworks Workshop Announcement Karen Hackney PDF
The DC Pledge! Chris Koehler Power Point
Regional Meeting Survey Results Chris Koehler & Katie Pruzan Power Point
Faces of Space Grant James Flaten Power Point
Space Grant Internship Working Group Barrett Caldwell Power Point

National-Fall 2008
Secretary and Treasurer’s Report G.Morell / P. Sukanek PDF
Nominating Committee Update and Elections Bill Byrd Power Point
Program Update Diane DeTroye PDF
University Space Competition (U-Space) Brian Gilchrist  
Ex Comm 2008 Updates Chris Koehler Power Point
LARRS Program (VA Space Grant) Debbie Murray Power Point
National Space Grant Foundation Update W. Fowler / M. Fischer Power Point
NASA ESMD Systems Engineering Workshops / NASA JSC Wally Fowler Power Point
The John Mather Nobel Scholarship Program Dick Henry Power Point
20th Year PPR Reviewer Training Barry Nagle Power Point
The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International Student Competition John Baker  
NASA Academy Advisory Committee Update Dave Rosage Power Point
Roadmap to a Space Faring Civilization Dave Rosage  
International Space University (ISU) Steve Brody PDF
Academy of Aerospace Quality Alice Smith Power Point
The Energy Challenge: Overview and Technology Issues Sam Shelton Power Point
National Space Grant Student Satellite Program Update Luke Flynn
RockOn 2008 Sounding Rocket Workshop Chris Koehler Power Point  Video
NASA HQ Update Joyce Winterton  
Coordination Issues with Space Grant and NASA Center Internship Programs Barrett Caldwell Power Point
2009 – 2010 Exploration Systems/Space Grant Collaborations Berta Alfonzo  
ESMD Senior Design Option #1 John Gershenson Power Point
ESMD Senior Design Option #2 D. Beale / D. Harris Power Point
Expanding Space Education Opportunities via Distance and Campus Education Paul Hardersen Power Point
Washington, DC - Spring 2009 National Meeting Update Richard Berendzen Power Point
Oregon - Fall 2009 National Meeting Update Jack Higginbotham Power Point
New Opportunities for Space Grant CubeSats Montana SGC Power Point

Western Regional 2008
RISE flight Nov. 3, 2007   Power Point - PDF
BOREALIS HASP Project   Power Point - PDF
Common BalloonSat Payload Program Stephen Horan Power Point - PDF
ESMD Space Grant Project Gloria Murphy Power Point - PDF
2008 ESMD Space Grant Faculty Project   Power Point - PDF
National Space Grant Foundation Mark Fischer Power Point - PDF
New Opportunities for Space Grant CubeSats   Power Point - PDF
High Altitude Student Platform Intro   Power Point - PDF
Pre-Service Teachers   Power Point - PDF
Idaho Robotic Lunar Exploration Program Aaron Goodin Power Point - PDF
Wyoming Women in Science Michele Stark Power Point - PDF
Lessons Learned from the NASA USLI Launch Competition Stephen Whitmore Power Point - PDF - Motor Test Movie - Air Brakes Movie - Launch Movie
2009 Western Regional, Reno, NV   Power Point
ND Space Grant Paul Hardersen Power Point - PDF - HASP Movie - Movie

Mid Atlantic Regional 2008
MDSGC Balloon Payload Program Highlights Mary Bowden, Yacob Astatke Power Point
WVSGC Highlights Mahjid Jaraiedi Power Point
VASGC Highlights Mary Sandy Power Point
PASGC Highlights Chris House Power Point
DESGC Highlights Dermott Mullan
DCSGC Highlights Richard Berendzen & William Van Besien Power Point
Student Institute of Robotics Maisha Drew Power Point
STScI Education Program Eisenhamer & Greathouse Power Point
ESMD Report Alfonso, Misra, Selby & Falconer Power Point - Power Point
National Federation of the Blind Youth Slam 2009 Mark Riccobono
AIRSPACES Abhijit Nagchaudhuri & Gabe Ladd Power Point
JHU STEM Education Center Barry Aprison Power Point
GSFC Internships Update Bob Gabrys & Dave Rosage Power Point
GIS Jay Morgan
Space Grant Update Diane DeTroye PDF
Baltimore Alliance FIRST teams Todd Martin
John Mather Nobel Scholars Dick Henry Power Point
MDSGC Highlights Dick Henry & Chris Merchant Power Point
National Space Grant Foundation Update Mark Fischer Power Point

Northeastern Regional 2008
Center for Land use Education And Research CLEAR Dan Civco PowerPoint
NASA updates/presentations Diane DeTroye & Katie Pruzan PDF
ESMD Space Grant Faculty Projec Gloria Murphy, Prasad, Radcliff PowerPoint
National Space Grant Foundation Update Mark Fischer PowerPoint
Sikorsky Aircraft Internship Smith PowerPoint
Water Removal and Trace Contaminant Removal Adsorption Units for NASA Jeff Doyle PowerPoint
Reduction of Fan Generated Broadband Noise in a Ventilation Duct Jamie Hamilton PowerPoint
Maine Update Terry Shehata PowerPoint
Massachusetts Update Raji Patel PowerPoint

National-Spring 2008
NASA Headquarters Joyce Winterton PDF
OMB Perspectives on NASA Education Amy Kaminski PowerPoint
High Endurance UAV Projects Andy Arena PowerPoint
Movie 1 (90 MB) - Movie 2 (58 MB)
Rock On Workshop Chris Koehler PowerPoint
Election Results PowerPoint
Midwest High-Altitude Launch Opportunity Jason Krueger PowerPoint
Program Updates from NASA HQ Diane DeTroye PDF
ESMD/SG Faculty Projects Lesley Garner PowerPoint
ESMD/SG Student Projects Teresa Parham PowerPoint
SMD Education Programs Yvonne Pendleton PowerPoint
Hubble Servicing Mission Frank Cepollina PowerPoint
Hubble Connections Bonnie McClain PowerPoint
X Prize Foundation Josh Neubert PowerPoint
Fall 2008 National Meeting Update Erian Armanios PowerPoint
Langley Aerospace Scholars Program Mary Sandy PowerPoint
Space Grant Consortium Coordination Diane Detroye, Katie Pruzan, & Susan Stewart PDF
Summer Science Workshops for Educators Leah Bug PowerPoint
National Space Grant Foundation Wallace Fowler & Mark Fischer PowerPoint
2008 Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting Terry Teays PowerPoint
Air Slam Terry Teays PowerPoint

National-Fall 2007
Aerospace Education Services Project Bill Carlsen PowerPoint
FAA Design Competition Mary Sandy PowerPoint
ESMD/SG Faculty Project PowerPoint
ESMD/SG Project Gloria Murphy PowerPoint
Microgravity Jeff Ganley PowerPoint
Fall 2008 Erian Armanios PowerPoint
NSGF Mark Fischer PowerPoint
Student Participation Opportunities in NASA’s Balloon Program Magdi Said PowerPoint
Program Updates from NASA HQ Diane Detroye PowerPoint
NASA Academy PowerPoint
Langley Aerospace Research Summer Scholars Program Mary Sandy PowerPoint
Innovative Partnerships Program Doug Comstock PowerPoint
Opportunities at Johnson Space Center Kamlesh Lulla PowerPoint
Richard Hackney AVI(140 MB)
NASA Undergraduate Student Research Program Brenda Neil PowerPoint
FASTRACK: Suborbital Experiment Platform James E. Ball PowerPoint
Starting Student Space Hardware Programs Chris Koehler PowerPoint
Spring 2008 Eric Day PowerPoint
Space Grant Internet Telescope Network Paul S. Hardersen PowerPoint
White Sands Test Facility Frank Benz PowerPoint

Northeastern Regional 2007
NASA 40 Year Perspective Joseph Veverka PowerPoint
NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory Gordon Stacey PowerPoint
ESMD/SG Projects Lesley Garner PowerPoint
ESMD Faculty Elmer Grubbs PowerPoint
Student Rocket Competition Peter Plumley PowerPoint - Movie 1 (2 MB) & 2 (1 MB)
Biomonitor for NASA Adriana Larriera PowerPoint
University-Built Nanosatellites Mason Peck PowerPoint - Movie 1 (14 MB), 2 (53 MB) & 3 (64 MB)
Dynamics of Drop Impact Ashley Macner PowerPoint - Movie 1 (17 MB) & 2 (258 MB)
TripleSpec Angie Wolfgang PowerPoint
Mapping Mars Ryan Anderson PowerPoint
Summer Internship at NASA Jamie Hamilton PowerPoint
Space from the Media Bruce Lewenstein PowerPoint
Back to the Moon Don Campbell PDF
Space-Based Radar Matthew Pritchard PowerPoint

Southeastern Regional 2007
ESMD/SG Projects Theresa Martinez and Gloria Murphy PowerPoint
ESMD Faculty Ram Prasad PowerPoint
Alabama ESMD Projects Gerry Kerr PowerPoint
Lockheed-Martin Michoud Operations Glynn Adams PowerPoint
Puerto Rico ESMD Projects PowerPoint
High Altitude Student Platform Greg Guzik PowerPoint - Images/Movies
Louisiana ESMD Projects PowerPoint
Kentucky ESMD Projects Karen Hackney PowerPoint
Georgia ESMD Projects Erian Armanios PowerPoint
Mississippi ESMD Projects PowerPoint
Mississippi ESMD Projects Nick Chambers PowerPoint
Space Cowboys Cody Hardin & Joy Sills PowerPoint - Movies
Tennessee Ellie Weiss Rosenbloom PowerPoint
Arkansas Chris Wyatt PowerPoint
Floridia ESMD Projects Jaydeep Mukherjee PowerPoint - Movie
Constellation Program Work Locations Jaydeep Mukherjee PowerPoint
Marshall Space Flight Center Frank Six PowerPoint
National Space Grant Foundation Mark Fischer PowerPoint

Western Regional 2007
Program Manager Update Diane DeTroye PowerPoint
ESMD Lesley Garner and Gloria Murphy PowerPoint
ESMD Faculty Jose Granda PowerPoint
Teaching From Space Steve Marks PowerPoint
Dragonfly Dustin Gamble and Thomas Hayes PowerPoint - Movie
Oklahoma Space Grant PowerPoint - Movie
Frontier Electronic Systems Corp Chuck Gray PowerPoint
Norman Economic Development Don Wood PowerPoint
Applications Engineering Program Andy Arena PowerPoint
Hawaii Space Flight Lab Luke Flynn PowerPoint
Balloon & Rocket Workshops Chris Koehler PowerPoint - Movie 1 & 2
High Altitude Student Platform Bill Hiscock PowerPoint
North Dakota Programs Paul Hardersen PowerPoint
Hatton-Northwood Science Club PowerPoint - Movie 1 & 2
NSGF Mark Fischer PowerPoint

National-Spring 2007
Secretary and Treasurer's Report Word
Operational Issues James Stofan Power Point
Inspiring Today's Professionals Brown Power Point
Tom Jones and AZSGC Susan Brew Power Point
NASA HQ Update Diane DeTroye Power Point
Fall 07 National Meeting Pat Hynes Power Point - MPG
Summer Workshops Chris Koehler Power Point - MPG - GVI
Ballooning Shermane Austin Power Point
NASA Education Joyce Winterton Power Point
SMD Education Ming-Ying Wei Power Point
ESMD Education Jerry Hartman Power Point
Ares V Phil Sumrall Power Point - WMV
ESMD Projects Lesley Garner Power Point
NSGF Update Keith Hudson Power Point
Native American Recruitment Ed Galindo Power Point
Internet Telescope Paul Hardersen Power Point
Academy of Aerospace Quality Alice Smith Power Point - Survey (PDF) and Brochure (PDF)
NASA Academy Doug O'Handley Power Point
Space Habitats PDF

National Meeting-Fall 2006
Joyce L. Winterton's Remarks PowerPoint - PDF
Diane DeTroye's Remarks PowerPoint - PDF
ESMD Update PowerPoint - PDF
ISS National Lab Program PowerPoint - PDF - Draft Concept (PDF)
Treasurer's Report PDF
Council Website PowerPoint - PDF
FAA Educational Outreach PowerPoint - PDF
Balloon Program Office, Wallops PowerPoint - PDF
Balloon Program Office, Wallops Cream Launch Video
Sounding Rocket Program Office, Wallops PowerPoint - PDF - ASAS Launch Video - Heath Launch Video
USRP PowerPoint - PDF
LARRS PowerPoint - PDF
FAA Design Competition PowerPoint - PDF
Student Rocket Programs PowerPoint - PDF - Workshop Flight Video
Spring 07 Directors Meeting PowerPoint - PDF
Susan Stewart's Remarks PowerPoint - PDF
NSGF - Coordinators Session PowerPoint - PDF
Industry/Space Grant Workforce PowerPoint - PDF
NASA Academy PowerPoint - PDF
Student Space Hardware PowerPoint - PDF
Student Space Hardware Water Bill Movie - Summary Movie
Sounding Rocket Workshop PowerPoint - PDF
Sounding Rocket Initiative PowerPoint - PDF - Chimaera Video
Mars Climate Lander PowerPoint - PDF
NSGF Update PowerPoint - PDF
Systems Engineering Program PowerPoint - PDF

Southeast Regional 2006
Welcome Power Point
WFD Survey Results Power Point
ESMD Update Power Point
Alabama (Hardware) Power Point
Georgia (ISS) Power Point
Georgia (National Vision) Power Point
Kentucky (Robotics) Power Point
Kentucky (Mars) Power Point
Kentucky (KySat) Power Point - PDF
Tennessee (Moon) Power Point
Florida (FUNSAT) Power Point
South Carolina Power Point
Louisiana Power Point
North Carolina Power Point
Puerto Rico Power Point
Alabama (Launch Initiative) Power Point
Louisiana (LaAces) Power Point
Arkansas Power Point
Mississippi Power Point
Montana Power Point

Mid Atlantic Regional 2006
Diane DeTroye's Remarks Power Point
NASA/Langley Overview PDF
NASA/Langley Educational Programs Power Point
NASA/Goddard Higher Education Power Point
NASA/Wallops Overview Power Point
NASA/Glenn Collaboration Opportunities Power Point
NASA USRP Update Power Point
NASA LARSS Update Power Point
Kentucky SG Highlights Power Point
DC Space Grant Highlights Power Point
My Space Industry Experience Power Point
Hy-V Program PDF
West Virginia SG Highlights Power Point
Maryland SG Highlights Power Point
New Jersey SG Highlights Power Point
Recruiting Underrepresented Minorities Power Point
Working With Special Needs Populations Power Point
Thoughts on Development Power Point
Virginia SG Highlights Power Point
Michigan SG Highlights Power Point

National Meeting-Spring 2006
Angela Diaz's Remarks PDF
Diane DeTroye's Remarks PDF
Carl Person's Remarks PDF
America View PDF
Centennial Challenges PDF
FAA University Design Competition PDF
Indiana Fall Space Day PDF
Leveraging with the DOD PDF
Dr. Griffin Lecture at MASG PDF
Minority Students in Math at U of Iowa PDF
University Rocket Launch Competition PDF
October 2005 Florida Minutes PDF
New York 2006 Meeting Information PDF
New Mexico 2007 Meeting Information PDF

National Meeting-Fall 2005
CMIS, Susan Stewart PDF

National Meeting-Spring 2005
Fall 05 Meeting Information, FL PowerPoint - PDF

National Meeting-Fall 2004
Brad Weiner's Remarks PDF
Magui Cardona's Remarks PDF
Susan Stewart's Remarks PDF
AZSG Longitudinal Tracking, Brew PDF

Midwestern Regional 2004
Office Of Education Update, Brad Weiner PowerPoint - PDF
Science Mission Directorate, Ronald Birk PowerPoint - PDF
Informal Education Division, Jim Stofan PowerPoint - PDF
NASA Academy PowerPoint - PDF
Glenn (Education), Jo Ann Charleston PowerPoint - PDF
Glenn (Research), David Kankam PowerPoint - PDF
Goddard, Dave Rosage PowerPoint - PDF
Johnson, Kam Lulla PowerPoint - PDF
Kennedy, Gregg Buckingham PowerPoint - PDF
Langley, Lloyd Evans PowerPoint - PDF
Marshall, Frank Brannon PowerPoint - PDF

National Meeting-Spring 2003
Diane DeTroye's Remarks PowerPoint - PDF

National Meeting-Fall 2002
15th Year Review Process, Dasch PowerPoint - PDF
15th Year, Dasch PowerPoint - PDF
NASA's Education Mission, Owens PowerPoint - PDF
NASA's Education Program, Phelps PowerPoint - PDF
NASA Education Program Evaluation Review MS Word - PDF

National Meeting-Spring 2002
Diane DeTroye's Remarks PowerPoint - PDF

National Meeting-Fall 2000
CMIS Redesign - Diane DeTroye PowerPoint - PDF