Council History and Meeting Minutes

The National Council of Space Grant Directors is comprised of Directors from each of the 52 Space Grant Consortia (all 50 states, Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico).  The Council elects an Executive Committee or Ex-Comm.  The Council holds two National Meetings, in the Fall and Spring.  The Spring meeting is held every year and the Fall meeting is held every other year. The Chair of the Ex-Comm is the person responsible for these meetings as well as maintaining the records of all the meetings.

In 2011, Chris Kohler (Colorado) and Eric Day (Washington, DC) endeavored to collect and preserve the history of the Council and the result of that effort is organized here.  The minutes from most of our national meetings since the creation of our program are organized in pdf format below:

Chair's Photo Name / State Years Served Meeting Minutes
Luke Flynn Luke Flynn
2021 -
Angela Des Jardins
Angela Des Jardins
2018 - 2021
Steve Ruffin
Stephen Ruffin
2014 - 2018
Yervant Terzian
Yervant Terzian
New York
2012 - 2014
Chris Koehler Chris Koehler
2008 - 2012
Bill Garrard Bill Garrard
2006 - 2008
John Gregory John Gregory
2004 - 2006
Bill Hiscock Bill Hiscock
2002 - 2004
John Wefel John Wefel
2000 - 2002
Dick Henry Dick Henry
1998 - 2000
Mary Sandy Mary Sandy
1996 - 1998
Steve Horan Steve Horan
New Mexico
1994 - 1996
Marty Eisenberg Marth Eisenberg
1992 - 1994
Steve Nichols Steve  Nichols
1990 - 1992


The very first Space Grant meeting took place from January 16-19, 1990 in Maryland, at JPL.  Click Here to see a group photo from that meeting.

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